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High Density 3D Laser Scanning

No matter the purpose of the 3D laser scanning operation, we ensure all scans are conducted in a safe and productive manner while efficiently producing all required data with unparalleled Quality.


  • ¬†provide highly accurate and detailed measurements of the site, enabling precise planning and design.
  • Identify potential issues or obstacles early in the construction process, helping to prevent costly delays and rework.
  • Better visualization and manipulation of designs, improving communication and problem-solving among the construction team.

Design & Engineering

  • Capture even the most intricate details quickly to ensure accurate measurements of an existing space, while being significantly faster and more cost-effective than manual methods.
  • Create precise, high-resolution models of objects and spaces that are crucial for effective design and engineering processes.
  • Facilitate better visualization and manipulation of designs, enabling your team to solve problems more efficiently and communicate their ideas more effectively

Heritage Preservation

  • Create precise digital models of historical sites and artifacts, providing a detailed record for preservation and further study..
  • Capture intricate details and features of heritage sites, which conventional methods might miss or fail to document accurately.
  • Data captured can be used can be used for virtual tours and educational purposes, allowing a wider audience to appreciate and learn about heritage sites without physically visiting them.


3D laser scanning is a technology that uses lasers to capture the physical dimensions and features of an object or space in three dimensions. Typically, the scanner emits a laser beam and then measures the time it takes for the beam to return after hitting an object, calculating the distance based on the speed of light. This process is repeated hundreds of thousands of times per second, creating a dense ‘point cloud’ of data that can be used to generate a highly accurate 3D model.

Many industries can benefit from 3D laser scanning services, including construction, architecture, heritage preservation, urban planning, industrial design and manufacturing. The technology provides highly accurate measurements that can be used to create detailed 3D models, which can be used in planning, design, inspection, preservation and many other applications.

The accuracy of 3D laser scanners can vary depending on specific site conditions, but is typically very high. Our 3D scanners have the ability capture measurements with an accuracy of ~2 millimeters. This high level of accuracy makes 3D laser scanning a valuable tool for applications that require precise measurements, such as pre-fabrication and as-builts.

While 3D laser scanning has many advantages, there can be some limitations and challenges. For example, the technology is expensive and requires specialized skills to operate and interpret the data. Scanning reflective or transparent surfaces can also be challenging, as the laser beam may not return accurately. In addition, large or complex projects may require hundreds or even thousands of scans, which need to be accurately aligned to create a complete point cloud.

Fortunately, we are certified and trained to deal with these issues.

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